Let It Go: Coloring and Activities to Awaken Your Mind and Relieve Stress by Sherise Seven

$14.95 USD

More than just pages for you to color, "Let it Go" is a journey to happiness. We know coloring provides a meditative form of relaxation for many people and can calm stressed nerves on busy days. This book however, is different in it's approach - in addition to 40 coloring pages, it also offers 11 unique activity pages that will push your brain towards happiness and inspirational positive thoughts. 

Pages like "The Color Waltz", "Doodling In The Dark" and "Meditative Circles" will take your mind off the day's challenges and release your creativity.

Why we love these coloring pages: 
We think that the video below explains it all. Amazing. 
  •  40 coloring pages and 11 stress relief activities 
  •  Perforated, one-sided coloring pages 

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