Colour Like Katerina Mertikas: A Canadian Colouring Adventure by Katerina Mertikas

$16.95 USD

Colour Like Katerina Mertikas truly is a Canadian Colouring Adventure. Hand crafted by the one and only local Canadian artist Katerina Mertikas, this book is filled with 30 coloring pages of her original sketches. This is Katerina's very first adult coloring book and surely it won't be her last. 

Katerina is known for her use of bright bold colours capturing chldren in all their joys of daily life, especially depicting the outdoors with a lot of movement and fluidity in the artwork. It is now your chance to be the artist and color in the coloring pages she has hand drawn. Create your own work of art with the love and support of Katerina. 

This adult coloring book was proudly published and printed by Zen Coloring Pages in Ottawa, Canada. 

To learn more about Katerina Mertikas, please be sure to visit the Artists section of our online shop. 

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