Why coloring pages?


Who is Zen Coloring Pages and how did this all come to be? Why are we selling coloring pages? What is this all about?  Well if you must know, I can say with complete certainty that Zen Coloring Pages found us. I know that this must sound cliche, but let me explain.

Zen Coloring Pages is an online shop selling a unique selection of adult coloring books inspired by you, the everyday artist. Our goal is simple. We want to provide you with the opportunity to be immersed in art. To us, coloring is not only a hobby, but a creative outlet that helps to relieve stress. Our team hand selects each and every coloring book you see in our store. The coloring books we sell range from simple and calming to intricate and energizing. We love to helping the those who love to color find the perfect coloring book.

On a beautiful long weekend in Canada Zen Coloring Pages came to be. Both co founders had come together to spend a long weekend at their cottage and the idea was born. It was full steam ahead from that point forward. Everything seemed to fall into place and this beautiful pass time was now a company that thrives on creativity and the power of art.

Now for the part that we think is most valuable, why color?

For those who are just hearing about coloring for the first time, the benefits are endless. We will list some of them below but we know that you’ll find out for yourself soon enough what this beautiful pass time brings you.

There has been a recent rush of artists and authors publishing coloring books. This is due to the realization of all its positive influences. No matter who you are- coloring will be right for you. Give it a try and tell us what it brings you.

Here are some advantages we have experienced:

Coloring pages are best known for their ability to de-stress. When you’re coloring, it is you time. It is time to focus on your mental health. Your brain will thank you.

Spark your creativity. While we may not have been the best artists or the most creative individuals, coloring in lets you take on a skill that you may not have otherwise tapped into. The gentle strokes of your pencil have the ability to create a masterpiece. Who knows what else this simple task will bring you and your creative self.

Disconnect. The ability to disconnect from our busy lives is crucial. This helps us to sleep better, focus better and be happier. It is important to unplug from a world where we are constantly stimulated by something. Color and disconnect.

Become part of a community of artists. We had no idea there were so many talented individuals out there coloring. We have connected through social media with hundreds of color inners and and we are thankful everyday for the opportunity to be inspired by by them. We encourage you to join this powerful community of artists.

You are creating art. Whether you think it or not. That coloring page you just colored in is a work of art. It isn’t just pencil and paper. It is your work of art. Frame it and share it with the world.

Accomplish a task by coloring. Sometimes we get side tracked and our daily tasks can seem endless. Coloring allows you to set a task and finish it. Whether that task me coloring one page in your coloring book, or completing the entire book. Coloring allows you to feel a sense of great accomplishment.

Art Therapy is a real thing. And we believe that coloring is a form of therapy. No matter what is going on in your life we can assure you that coloring will help to mend your emotional ailments. We have attached below some fabulous articles that cover this in detail. Let’s start this conversation and tell the world about the healing powers of coloring.

Be you, be colorful and let coloring pages be whatever you want it to be.

If you ever ask us why we chose to sell coloring books, we’ll confidently say “ just try it for yourself and you’ll truly know why”.

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October 25, 2015 by Katie MacDonald
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