Being Present While Coloring.

Being present while coloring. What a concept. Where else could you be? From our own experience, you can be many other places mentally while coloring and take it from us, you get a lot more out of this relaxing pass time when you’re there- when you’re truly present.  

What does this mean? For many of you, your reasons for coloring will vary. But for the majority, coloring is a way to reconnect with yourself. Coloring is your time. We have already discussed in our previous blog about the importance of finding the time to color. We believe that this is only half of the battle. While finding time is important, what good is it if when you finally sit down to color, you cannot relax and become consumed by the piece you’re coloring in.

Disconnecting these days can be harder than it should be. Pings, rings, bleeps. Distraction after distraction. There always seems to be just one more thing to do. Our personal well being gets pushed aside, and as a result we become stressed and overworked. I am here to tell you there there are ways to make disconnecting with our busy world easier. I recommend reviewing the tips below to help find out what works best for you. After all, this is all about you. We are not here to tell you what to do. We are here to help you get the most out of your coloring book.

What is your end goal? Are you looking to finish your coloring page? Are you looking to simply relax while coloring? Are you coloring with friends? Are you coloring solo?

Figure this out in advance of coloring as it will help you set some expectations.

Once you know what your goal is you’ll want to make a list of the items that tend to distract you. Be honest with yourself. For us, it’s technology. Checking your email, uploading to Instagram, signing on to Facebook - these are what I like to call “the mind vortex”. Goodbye world, hello endless hours of watching cat videos on YouTube. How did we even get here? Meow.

Perhaps for you it isn’t technology that distracts you from being present and connecting to the piece you’re coloring, but it’s daily tasks. Cleaning the dishes, laundry, making lunch for the next day.

Think of why you’re coloring and remember that this can all wait.  Once you’ve established what easily distracts you, try your hardest to steer clear of these items while coloring. Switch pencil crayons every time your mind takes you away from your page. This will help to distract you and refocus.

If you’ve set an amount of time you’d like to color, remember to steer clear of your distractions for the entire duration of your “me time”. Perhaps set a timer and don’t look up from your art until the time is up. If you do use a timer, factor in time for things such as mindfulness and refocusing your breath.

Establish this time as personal development and treat yourself to whatever you’d like. We personally like to find a comfortable place to color. Whether you get cozied up on the couch to color or set up at a local coffee shop- find a place that inspires you. We also like to  brew a nice cup of tea to enjoy. If you like to color and drink, enjoy a local brew or a glass of vino. Unwind and melt into your coloring page.

Airplane mode. Turn your phone on airplane mode. You’ll thank us for this short and sweet tip.

The next point is the hardest and everyone will accomplish this a bit differently. While you can put your phone on airplane mode, your brain is a different story. Try your very hardest to stay focused on the task. Don’t let any negative thoughts in that will impede on your creative journey. if you find mind wandering off- take a step back and look at what you’ve accomplished so far. Congratulate yourself and keep going.

While I believe that we will likely continue to add to this this post, everyone will have their own way of being present, being there and coloring in the moment. Whatever you find works for you, that is what you need to be doing.

Tell us what works for you and what doesn’t work, because we are all in this together.

October 25, 2015 by Katie MacDonald
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Katerina Mertikas

Katerina Mertikas said:

You are a brilliant writer too! Yes, when one colours, paints, draws they are in another zone. Take it from me, I have been painting for over 25 years…Good luck with your new site and project.

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