Finding Time to Color

I am about to write a post on how to find time to color when I barely found time to write this post. While  laughing at the irony of this task, surrounded by coloring book samples, I am reminded of my new venture and begin to get to work.  

I start by shaking my head and telling myself  “you can do this- how long could a blog really take?” . Oh, if only you knew. While it may take you a whole 5 minutes to read this post, the effort that went into writing it is astounding. But, I digress. As what I really would like to blog about is the ability or rather, inability to set time aside to get things done. No matter what those “things” are, this world finds a way to distract us. In this case, that “thing” is coloring.

 I am here to today to tell you, that coloring, while it may be a simple and meditative task, still is technically a task and you’ll want to find ways to fit it in so that you can practice and experience the benefits of coloring. Let me tell you, the benefits are endless.

What is going to be your strategy for taking time for yourself to color?  You’ve bought the book, you’ve bought the pencils, now it’s time to get to work. Not so simple, right?  Whether you believe it is a novelty to color, or if you know it to be a therapeutic practice, it is going to take time out of your day.

My goal is to help you find out when you can color so you that you can get the most out of it.  

Below are my top five recommendations for finding time to color in this busy life we lead. Coloring is for you. It is your time. Find the time.

My first recommendation is to assign yourself a coloring book and get excited. Not only do you own a coloring book but you’re about to create something beautiful. Something that you’ll be able to cherish forever. Finding a book is the first step of the process.

My second recommendation is to schedule time for yourself to color. Set a date, pick a time and stick to it. I love using Google Calendar to set time aside for myself. I know, sounds silly right? But, as we have acknowledged, life gets busy, and we must not forget about a very important person in this world, you. Setting time aside to do something good for yourself has a positive return on  your personal investment. This means, you’re going to right now, open another tab on your computer, open your calendar, and pick a time in the next 3 days where you can color. I recommend setting aside 30 minutes. Just 30 minutes is all you need.

 We’ve come across a great article on this is from Brit and Co where they mention that “there are no hard or fast rules in regards to a certain routine to follow. So for the week I spent coloring, I kind of made up my own. I did it every night for 30 minutes, right before bed with no TV and occasionally some background music”. Sounds blissful! We hope you can do the same.

My second recommendation is harder than the first. You’re going to have to stick to this calendar appointment. No matter what comes up, no matter how important it may be, finding time to engage your creativity and be mindful is very important. If for whatever reason you do have to reschedule with yourself, do so right away.

My third recommendation completely deconstructs the second point. But, I want to mention that while it is very important to make time for yourself and stick with that time or date- it is also important to be flexible, and not to be hard on yourself. Being hard on yourself won't get you anywhere. Life can get in the way, and that is quite alright. Just make sure you don't carry this energy forward to your "me time". Color now, color later- just color!

 The fourth recommendation is to mix things up. While finding the time to color is very important, you’ll want to find a place to color. Location is everything. I personally like to switch things up and find a new place every time. Others may like to always rely on the comfort they endured the last time they opened up and colored- while some may like to stimulate their brain by surrounding themselves with unfamiliar people in a new location.

Finally, my last recommendation to you is no matter when you do find the time to color, enjoy every minute of it as you have single handedly taken time for yourself, to do something good for your soul. Something that nowadays is harder than you’d think.  You’ve reconnected, disconnected and time slowed down. Even if for just 30 minutes.

Join us next week for our blog on how to learn to stop coloring all the time ... ;)

August 11, 2016 by Katie MacDonald
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